Developing Communication Strategy and Action Plan on E-signature and E-seals


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We are collaborating with the Data Exchange Agency (DEA) and the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia in order to develop a communication strategy and action plan on e-signatures and e-seals in the country.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness, and build trust, regarding the existence and benefits of e-signatures and e-seals in government institutions as well as among the public in Georgia.

In order to reach its objectives, PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Tetra Tech ARD, under the USAID-funded “Good Governance Initiative (GGI),” will undertake the following activities:

  • Elaborate a communication strategy for e-signatures, e-seals and possibly e-authentication;
  • Develop a draft communication action plan for e-signatures, e-seals and e-authentication, including descriptions of activities and related costs, tools for the promotion of e-signatures, e-seals and e-authentication, and responsible entities as well as timeframes; and
  • Develop a monitoring methodology and framework to measure action plan implementation progress.
  • This project will see the realization of a communication campaign, which will reach out to all potential stakeholders and explain how they could benefit from the use of e-signatures and e-seals.