Developing 2017 Program Budget of Kutaisi City Municipality and Citizens’ Guide

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Government of Georgia;



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Project Description:


PMCG, as part of the consortium led by Tetra Tech ARD, under the framework of USAID funded program “Good Governance Initiative (GGI)”, is providing support to Kutaisi City Municipality to develop its 2017 priority-based program budget and citizens’ guide.

The objective of the project is to support Kutaisi City to: 

  • Define mid-term priorities, directions as well as programs for Kutaisi City Municipality’s development
  • Ensure effective, efficient, transparent and priority-based use of public resources based on a needs-oriented 2017 program budget
  • Develop evaluation and monitoring framework for budgetary processes, to institutionalize monitoring and evaluation processes with regards to the implementation of programs and sub-programs
  • Implement one of the commitments of OGP NAP 2016-2017 aimed at increasing public awareness of the budgeting process at the local level
  • Elaborate an effective mechanism of communication with the local population and prepare a base for an effective participatory budget process

More specifically, PMCG’s team will perform following activities:

1. Priority Document and Program-Based Budget:

  • Assist staff of Kutaisi City Municipality to develop and finalize the Priority Document for 2017-2020 and an initial draft of the 2017 program budget taking into consideration MoF methodological guidelines, City Development Strategy and other relevant strategic documents both at central and local levels
  • Assist staff of the Budget and PR services of the Kutaisi City Municipality in planning and facilitating a series of public meetings with citizens and broader groups of stakeholders to present a draft Priority Document and 2017 Program Budget. During the meetings, the current level of public information and awareness and the level of public interest regarding the budget process at the local level will also be assessed
  • Facilitate finalization of 2017 programs, sub-programs and performance indicators and assist Kutaisi City Municipality in the development of a final draft 2017 Program Budget that will also include allocation for participatory budgeting
  • Assist staff of the Kutaisi City Municipality to develop monitoring and evaluation institutional framework to perform monitoring and evaluation functions of budget programs and sub-programs

2. Citizens’ Guide to better understand local budget for FY17:

  • Develop outline of Citizens’ Guide for Kutaisi City Municipality
  • Develop Citizens’ Guide for Kutaisi City Municipality
  • Prepare and hold a presentation on the Citizens’ Guide for representatives of the targeted audience


Background information:

USAID has awarded Tetra Tech ARD with a 5-year contract under the Office of Democracy and Governance, whose purpose is to support the Government of Georgia in strengthening overall transparency, accountability and effectiveness of selected governance and service delivery systems. GGI’s work targets the legislative and executive branches at both the central and local government levels. To ensure greater government accountability, GGI works with government and civil society representatives to enhance public participation and disseminate public information about key reforms. This activity addresses the Governing Justly and Democratically Objective of U.S. Government Foreign Assistance, and especially the promotion of well-governed states and civil society areas.

The objectives of GGI are to improve administrative and financial management of public institutions at all levels, to increase civic engagement and improved access to independent, reliable and balanced information relevant to Georgia’s good governance, to strengthen policy development and lawmaking processes and to strengthen institutional oversight of government.

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