Creating an Organizational Development Strategy and Action Plan for the Tsalka Local Action Group (LAG)

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European Commission/ENPARD III;

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The project aims to create an organizational development strategy and action plan for the Tsalka Local Action Group (LAG) with the active engagement of its members and key stakeholders.

PMC Research will undertake the following activities:

  • Develop information collection tools and schedule organizational arrangements with CENN and the Tsalka LAG;
  • Conduct a desk study of reports and relevant documents to identify the key activities of the Tsalka LAG;
  • Conduct at least five workshops on the organizational strategy and action plan’s development with Tsalka LAG members and key stakeholders;
  • Develop a draft final document of the organizational development strategy of the Tsalka LAG, along with an action plan and recommendations for effective strategy implementation;
  • Organize a presentation for the stakeholder groups and incorporate relevant feedback into the document; and
  • Develop a final document.