Contemporary Disinformation Challenges in the Face of Foreign Military Presence

Project Client

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania;





Origin Of Funding

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania;

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Eastern Europe and Balkans;

PMCG, in partnership with the Civic Resilience Initiative (CRI) of Lithuania, is implementing the –“Contemporary Disinformation Challenges in the Face of Foreign Military Presence” project.

The main objective of this project is to deliver training sessions to media professionals in Georgia, Ukraine, and Armenia. These sessions are complemented by an educational package designed for media representatives, focusing on the real-time identification of disinformation. In the process, participants are motivated to contribute articles to their local newspapers, identifying and countering disinformation. Furthermore, the initiative seeks to empower media representatives to conduct social media campaigns dedicated to recognizing and combating disinformation, encouraging them to share their findings on various social networking platforms.

To achieve the project objectives, PMCG is preparing a training package and methodology for the sessions, encompassing both online and face-to-face elements. Moreover, PMCG is committed to delivering the training sessions, while monitoring the quality of the services provided and assessing post-training activities as well.

Upon the successful implementation of the project, the participating media representatives will be better equipped and more motivated to publish articles addressing disinformation issues. In addition, they will incorporate the taught methodology into their future work, and the online users reached through these efforts will similarly adopt this methodology to verify information, thereby stopping the spread of “fake news.”