Consultancy-Training Services in Budgetary Oversight and Program Budgeting to the Parliament of Georgia

Project Client

Parliament of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding

United Nations Development Program;

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End Date




Project Description:



Provide technical assistance to the Parliamentary staff, Members of Parliament and representatives of NGO and media sector involved in financial oversight process and increase their capacities in financial oversight and program based budgeting.


PMC Research provided training sessions focused on increasing the awareness of non-governmental and media sectors in the budgeting process, recent and planned changes in public finance practice, role of the parliament and other key players in budgetary oversight, and other PFM related issues. A handbook on Georgia’s Budgetary System was delivered for Members of Parliament and staff. The handbook provides information about budgetary system in Georgia, recent reforms, and Parliament’s role in the budgetary process. It was distributed before the discussion of the budget of Georgia 2013 to support them in effective scrutiny of the draft budget law. The handbook was written in an accessible language, emphasizing principles and policy related issues to facilitate informed policy decisions.
PMC Research, in accordance with UNDP and relevant representatives from the Parliament, developed the training program, which covered the following topics: Budget process, BDD and Budget Law, Budget Cycle, Program Budgeting in Georgia, and etc. Workshop Sessions between Parliament’s Sector Committees and Line Ministries on Linking Policies to Budgets were conducted. PMC Research facilitated a number of workshops between the Parliament and line ministries to discuss the documents, analyze the Government’s strategic priorities and prepare for further budget deliberations. In view of the high interest towards particular areas of government activity, the workshops focused on social, natural resources and agriculture sectors.



Ms. Tinatin Suladze
UNDP Project “A Strong Parliament in a Consolidated Democracy”
UN House, 9 Eristavi str., Tbilisi
0179, Georgia