Conducting Institutional Performance Assessment of Enterprise Georgia

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Mendez England & Associates;



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The main objective of the project is to conduct an institutional performance assessment of Enterprise Georgia, to assist it in articulating its organizational goals, supporting it to establish a system through which it can measure actual performance against targets related to organizational goals, and to enable it to perform its core functions better.

More specifically, PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Mendez England & Associates (ME&A) under the USAID Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) 2020 Activity, will undertake the following activities:

  • Assess the external and internal environments within which Enterprise Georgia delivers its mandate;
  • Assess whether Enterprise Georgia’s policies and procedures incorporate the principle of gender equality and provide equal opportunities to male and female employees, as well as to customers;
  • Evaluate organizational performance planning and management systems;
  • Analyze management structure and reporting systems;
  • Assess finance and resource management systems;
  • Evaluate information systems, including established IT solutions and platforms;
  • Analyze performance monitoring and evaluation systems, management information systems or equivalent systems used by Enterprise Georgia to track results and identify shortcomings;
  • Evaluate human resource management, including recruitment, succession planning, staff retention, capacity development, performance appraisal and management;
  • Assess internal and external communications;
  • Detect any gaps in the performance of Enterprise Georgia’s structural units and define critical points to be monitored;
  • Develop detailed performance improvement recommendations; and
  • Develop performance indicators enabling Enterprise Georgia to measure the performance of its structural units on an ongoing basis in relation to its organizational goals.

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