Conducting an Information Campaign on Civil Service Reform – Good Governance in Georgia (G3) by USAID

Project Client

Government of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding

USAID Georgia;

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The project’s objective is to assist the Government of Georgia (GoG) to promote Civil Service Reform by creating, formulating and leading a campaign to raise public awareness. The chain of activities will be focused on the need for citizens to clearly understand the provisions found in the new concept and ensuing legislation covering the civil service.

As Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) has in-depth understanding of the importance of such reform and how this can be communicated effectively, USAID Georgia Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program contracted PMCG to lead this project.

PMCG actively cooperates with various professional companies, bringing significant expertise in specific fields. In the framework of the project our consultants will work with – the leading consulting company in the communication and marketing business in Georgia. Together, we will design a properly planned campaign to ensure better accountability of the government to the citizens and raise public awareness, especially in the following fields:

  • Entry into the Civil Service System – options and conditions for entry into the civil service
  • System of Classification of Civil Servants – describing criteria of the structure of positions and possibilities for lateral and vertical movement within the civil service
  • System of Remuneration – a scheme of in-cash and in-kind compensation, consistent with the classification system
  • Management of Civil Servant – including human resource management (HRM) cycle from entry to termination, regulating matters and related process focused on streamlining HRM potential within the service
  • Gender Equal Opportunity – providing the measures that aim creating and monitoring equity etc.


In order to help citizens understand the advantages and benefits of the reform, PMCG and professionals work closely with the State Chancellery of GoG and the Civil Service Bureau, conducting the following activities:

  • Formulating key challenges of the campaign, aligned with the standards of the government set out by the new Civil Service Law
  • Creating key messages of the campaign consistent with identified challenges
  • Developing design and content of the printed material that should be disseminated to public
  • Developing messages and the theme of the videos to air by the Public Broadcaster of Georgia, upload to the government websites and for the other social media and online sources
  • Planning and leading of meetings with public to facilitate public engagement

Background Information:

The USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program is tasked with improving transparency, accountability and institutional efficiency at all levels of government in providing better services to citizens, as well as improving communication channels between GoG institutions, stakeholders, civil society and citizens of Georgia.

The overarching goal of the G3 is to address challenges facing governance at the local and national levels as well as to promote broader citizen engagement with their elected officials, the media, civil society and the members of political parties through establishment and maintenance of Centers for Civic Engagement (CCEs) throughout Georgia.

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