Business Plan for Agronavti Mobile Application Spin-Off Company

Project Client

Chemonics International;



Origin Of Funding

Chemonics International;

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End Date




The main objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive business plan for the Agronavti mobile application spin-off company, which provides a platform on which farmers can market their products to potential buyers.

In order to attain its goals, PMC Research, under the USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia, will undertake the following activities:


  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the current service provision capacity of Agronavti under the GFA;
  • Conceptualize and build a revenue model based on current service provision capacity as well as expected future functionality of new services/modules that are under development or planned for development in the near-term;
  • Provide an accurate, up-to-date market assessment of the competitive landscape for similar product/service companies in Georgia and surrounding markets (South Caucasus, Ukraine, Moldova);
  • Propose options for the organizational/staffing structure of the new company as well as a board composition based on the legal analysis provided by Zrda;
  • Prepare a full financial forecast covering a period of five years, including the capability of the financial model to run sensitivity analyses to test different assumptions. The financial forecast will include both income and expenses, with an emphasis on the minimization of fixed costs in the early years of operations. Break-even analysis will also be provided;
  • Prepare a baseline marketing strategy for the new company that targets near-term domestic scaling-up and international expansion scenarios within the five-year time horizon of the business plan (international expansion scenarios will include the licensing of Agronavti’s intellectual property to third parties in other countries to operate, and the entry of this new company into new markets);
  • Analyze and prepare recommendations for potential new grant, equity and/or debt facilities that may be accessible to the new company to be used in the initial scaling-up of operations during the first three years; and
  • Prepare risk analysis and corresponding recommendations.