Agricultural Investment Fund (AIF)

Project Client

JSC Agricultural Investment Fund (AIF);



Origin Of Funding

JSC Agricultural Investment Fund (AIF);

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PMCG provides managerial and consulting services to the Agricultural Investment Fund (AIF), operating through its subsidiary company Agroman. The AIF, established through foreign investments, is making a substantial USD 3 million investment in Georgia’s agricultural sector.

More precisely, PMCG provides the following services:

  • Consultations and monitoring on managerial, financial, accounting, technical, legal, and other related issues;
  • Preparation of a business investment plan for the AIF;
  • Fund management by Agroman after investments are made;
  • Implementation of the company’s strategic plan in line with the decisions of the director/supervisory board;
  • Monitoring of the investment project implementation process;
  • Development of the company’s financial strategy; and
  • Management of 560 hectares of land in Sagarejo municipality, including agricultural operations, harvesting, storage, and product realization.