Afghanistan Construction Permits Reform Project – Business Process re-engineering

Project Client

Kabul Municipality;



Origin Of Funding

The World Bank / International Finance Corporation;

Start Date


End Date



South Asia;

The objective of this project is to support the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) at the central and municipal level in Kabul by streamlining the Construction Permitting process and related pre approvals, creating a transparent and simplified regulatory framework, which realizes public good health and safety policy objectives and reduces the complexity of the Construction Permitting process, and building the capacity of the Construction Permitting civil servants capable of implementing the reforms.

Policy and Management Consulting Group will work with the IFC team and will provide following services:

  • Analyze current construction permitting process;
  • Conduct detail presentation(s) with IFC Project team, GoA and Kabul Municipality representatives about Georgian Reforms in Construction;
  • Develop recommendations for streamlining and re-engineering based on review of the process maps;
  • Develop recommendations for streamlining based on review of the process maps and discussions/consultations with Government stakeholders;
  • Develop detailed process maps and new organizational chart.