Adjara Autonomous Republic Regional Development Strategy, Sector Action Plan Elaboration

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Government of Adjara Autonomous Republic;



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Project Description:


The project is assisting the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GoARA) in elaborating effective tools and methods of regional development strategy implementation.

In 2016, a strategy document was prepared by PMCG, with the support of GIZ. The document guides the region’s development and establishes a joint coordination mechanism in its implementation. It allows the GoARA to have a joint understanding and vision of development priorities and objectives.

In the framework of the current project, an action plan with built-in indicators, allowing the Government to guide and measure development of the region, is being prepared.

In order to achieve its objectives, the project team will actively work with all stakeholders. Based on the discussion outcomes and international practice, PMCG is preparing the action plan with guidelines for its completion.


Background information:

During recent years with the GIZ assignment group of experts supported Regional Administrations and Regional Advisory Councils in preparation of Regional Development Strategies and Action Plans in three different regions of Georgia. The strategies were elaborated in a participative manner, similar approach was used in Adjara Autonomous Republic, but due to different institutional set-up modified approach was applied there.

Ajara AR has its own elected legislative branch in a form of supreme council and is run by AR government. It represents a federal element in Georgian constitutional set-up. The government is in charge of several policy areas and is organized in four ministries and different departments subordinated to the chairman of AR government. This is the only case of fully-fledged and functional subnational regional government in Georgia. Each ministry is eligible to develop policy priorities and implement it.

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