A Performance Improvement Initiative: Business Process Analysis for Ori Nabiji

Project Client

Ori Nabiji;



Origin Of Funding

Ori Nabiji;

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The project, which is being implemented for Georgian supermarket chain Ori Nabiji, seeks to enhance the company’s commercial effectiveness by analyzing its organizational structure and work processes, and offering recommendations for their improvement.

The project aims to assess the compliance of the organizational management systems and work processes of the company with respect to its strategic priorities, and to determine the degree to which the company’s processes are automated.

To accomplish the project objectives, PMCG is scrutinizing strategies, regulations, reports, and other pertinent materials, as well as conducting interviews with the company’s management and partners.

Furthermore, PMCG is preparing process diagrams that outline work processes within the company, and is conducting an evaluation of the prevailing market conditions.

Upon the successful implementation of the project, Ori Nabiji will benefit from having a more expansive perspective of its business and work processes in its commercial department.