Progressing with Kutaisi’s Economic Development Strategy


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On March 4, PMCG held a meeting with a working group comprising representatives of Kutaisi municipality to discuss the city’s Economic Development Strategy.

The meeting was another step forward from April 2015, when the Mayor of Kutaisi formed a special working group, composed of representatives of different segments of society, including academia and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to develop Kutaisi’s economic development strategy.

PMCG discussed a number of crucial topics at the meeting regarding the city’s economic development including long-term mission and vision, potential priority directions, and a general vision about the projects that should be implemented under each priority direction.

As the engagement of the local population is a very important component for efficient strategy development, the meeting was held, were draft version of the strategy, prepared with participation of PMCG was represented to society for the first time.

The meeting was held under the framework of USAID’s Good Governance Initiative (GGI) program, which aims to enhance overall transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the Government of Georgia, covering legislative and executive branches at the key levels.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Assisting Kutaisi City Municipality in Elaboration of the Economic Development Strategy

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