Program Budgeting Capacity Building Project Already Underway in Adjara


PMCG, in cooperation with the USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program, is currently undertaking the task of improving transparency, accountability and institutional efficiency at all levels of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GoARA) in the provision of better services to its citizens.
In close collaboration with G3, PMCG will provide technical assistance to the Adjara Government over a nine-month period and the project is expected to increase the GoARA’s Program Budgeting capacity.
The main objective of this technical assistance is to formulate and implement a needs-oriented 2014 program budget for all GoARA agencies. Accordingly, the enhanced capacity and skills of GoARA officials in program budgeting will enable effective and efficient use of public resources.
Within the project, PMCG consultants will implement the following activities:
• Analytical Report of GoARA Program Budgeting Process;
• Round-table discussion with senior management of GoARA to discuss findings of the conducted analysis;
• Stakeholder meetings to discuss draft priorities of GoARA;
• 3-5 days program budgeting training;
• Final GoARA program budgeting manual;
• Meeting in the Town Hall of GoARA with the broader groups of stakeholders to present conducted and evaluated final 2014 budget of GoARA.
The first step of the improvement plan has already been taken. This methodological and technical assistance will lead to the development of better formulated and standardized budgets for all agencies of GoARA. A round-table discussion with senior management of GoARA is scheduled for 17 May.

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