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PMCG and the International School of Economics (ISET) are implementing the Public Policy Discussion Panel and the Internet Forum Project (PPDR). The fourth roundtable meeting will be held on Thursday, February 19, 5:00 pm in the ISET building. The presenter, Vazha Petriashvili (Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia) and moderator Aleksi Aleksishvili (PMCG) will discuss the “Overview of Georgian Fiscal Policy and Future Plans”.






The negative outcome of the global financial crisis for business, investors and employers is expected to be more destructive during 2009. Budget and tax policy should be modified according to the new challenges. It will be interesting to receive information on measures planned by the Georgian Government in response to the crisis. The main purpose of the roundtable will be to exchange ideas, to provide comments or critique and policy recommendations, from a broader group of stakeholders.

The Public Policy Discussion Panel (PPDR) initiative is jointly funded by USAID SME Support Project and World Bank’s Public Information Center (PIC). The PPDP aims to facilitate regular discussion of public policy issues, assess the current economic situation and future economic development of Georgia, review the dynamics within particular sectors, proposals for policy reforms, etc. PPDP will thus help institutionalize information exchange and active public participation in the policymaking process processes.

PPDP participants include independent experts, representatives of government, parliament, business, donors, international or local NGOs. Each meeting will feature one or two selected experts, who will share analytical materials such as a report or presentation. The roundtables will be open to all interested persons and organizations as well as the media. The venue will be the International School of Economics at TSU (ISET) building, a location that ensures neutrality, an academic approach to the process and the involvement of international students and faculty.

The final product of each meeting, a policy paper and report, will be distributed to every participant and other interested parties. In addition, the presentation, workshop report and policy paper will be posted on our website (,, where they will be available for all registered users. An Internet forum open to registered users has been piloted at

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