PMCG together with Ticon (Latvia) is implementing a project to support Georgia to launch DCFTA negotiations


PMCG, as a subcontractor of Ticon Development Consulting SIA, with its knowledge and experience in institutional building, will provide expertise and support to support the country’s efforts to create the necessary conditions for the launch of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) negotiations.

Start Date: February 2010
End Date: October 2010
Country: Georgia
Client: Ticon Development Consulting SIA
Funder: European Union Delegation to Georgia

Description of the Project:

The EU launched a preparatory process with Georgia aiming to support the country’s efforts to create the necessary conditions for the launch of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) negotiations.
The overall objective of the project is to support the Georgian line Ministries and/or other governmental bodies in the preparatory process of the DCFTA and to liaise with the Ministries and governmental bodies concerned. Specifically, this entails:

  • Contributing to the assessment of the institutional capacity of Institutions playing a key role in the preparation/implementation of the DCFTA;
  • Supporting the EC delegation in the identification of relevant areas of institutional support;
  • Supporting the EC Delegation in the preparation/design of the Comprehensive Institution Building (CIB), comprising:

    • Framework Document identifying the institutions to be strengthened and the key issues to be tackled.
    • (set of) multi-annual “Institutional Reform Plan(s)” outlining the priorities to be pursued to fully upgrade the institution, the measures to be taken, the input to be provided.

The project is being implemented by the consortium of European consulting companies: Ticon Development Consulting SIA and IBM Belgium. The consortium subcontracted PMCG for local support and to provide the following tasks:

  • A gap analysis/assessment with the main findings of the institutional capacity of relevant institutions and on the shortcomings to be addressed;
  • Contributing to mapping the key areas where assistance activities are needed, according to the Framework Document preparation;
  • Supporting the Delegation and the relevant institutions in the elaboration of the “Institutional Reform Plan”;
  • Organizing workshops;
  • Issuing recommendations to the EU delegation on areas where institutional support is needed (in order to help Georgians in the possible future DCFTA) and on which future EC assistance could focus.

Some brief details regarding the partner companies:

IBM Business Consulting Services Belgium is a leading professional services firm offering consulting services to a range of clients, in both the private and the public sector, throughout the world. With consultants and professional staff in 174 countries around the world, IBM GBS is the world’s largest consulting services organization.

Ticon Development Consulting, based in Latvia and affiliated with Integra in Ireland, participates in technical assistance and economic co-operation projects for private sector investors. Ticon has been involved in several projects supporting the accession to, and implementation of, WTO obligations and commitments. Ticon has extensive experience and expertise in monitoring and evaluation with the European Commission, the Multilateral Development Banks and the United Nations.

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