PMCG together with Oxford Policy Management (UK) is implementing project in health sector


A consortium of PMCG and UK-based consulting company Oxford Policy Management (OPM) are implementing EC funded project ‘Technical Assistance for Further Development of a National Health Promotion Strategy and a Prioritized National Health Promotion Action Plan, Georgia’

Start Date: April 2009
End Date: August 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: Georgia Health and Social Projects Implementation Center Funder: European Commission

Description of the Project:

The Government of Georgia (GoG), with the support of the European Committee has initiated the Primary Health Care Reform Support Project (PHCRSP). Activities planned under the project will be implemented over three years by Georgia Health and Social Projects Implementation Center (GHSPIC) in close collaboration with the departments and subordinated structures of the MoLHSA.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved population access to, and utilization of, quality primary health care services in selected regions of Georgia (The project will implement activities on a national as well as regional levels). The project has three main objectives namely (i) Quality improvement of the PHC (ii) Improvements in public health strategies for dealing with communicable and non-communicable diseases and promotion of healthy lifestyle and (iii) Strengthening capacity of MoLHSA to monitor PHC reform implementation.
Objective (ii) concerns developing public health strategies for dealing with communicable and non-communicable diseases and includes the development of a health promotion strategy and action plan. The overall component includes the following activities:

  • Further development of a Health Promotion Strategy
  • The design of a medium term prioritized Health Promotion Implementation Plan
  • Supporting the Government’s efforts in implementing health promotion activities
  • Assisting MoLHSA in developing standardized tools and analysis framework for baseline and follow-up KAP surveys
  • Strengthening regional public health structures and supporting the development of public health laboratory system.

The final deliverable is the strategic health promotion document with implementation plan. The following should be produced during the assignment:

  • Inception report – review of past activities and the current situation;
  • Draft health promotion strategy (3 to 5 year period);
  • Final version of comprehensive health promotion strategy and prioritized health promotion action plan (Action Plan will cover 3 to 5 year period including very specific and detail 2-year period);
  • This project is implemented by a consortium led by PMCG and the Oxford Policy Management (OPM). These organizations bring substantial experience of Public Health and Health Promotion strategy elaboration in CIS, CEE and across the world together with knowledge of health system issues in Georgia, applied experience of developing action planning for the HP strategy, monitoring and evaluation systems and capacity building.

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