PMCG, together with EP (Greece) is Implementing a Project at the Revenue Service of the MOF Georgia


PMCG, as a subcontractor of European Profiles S.A (Greece), is implementing a project, that will help the Ministry of Finance of Georgia to meet the policy objectives in the Customs area, as outlined in the European Neighborhood Policy Action Plan (ENP AP), facilitating gradual harmonization of Georgian Customs regulations and practices with relevant EU standards and norms, thereby contributing to the increased transparency of the Public Finance Management (PFM) sector and to facilitating foreign trade.

Start Date: May 2010
End Date: December 2010
Country: Georgia
Client: Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Funder: European Union Delegation to Georgia

Description of the Project:

The project provided assistance to the Ministry of Finance in assessing the administrative and operational capacity of the Revenue Service in the area of Customs policies, systems and procedures. The project will help the MoF to assess the existing capacities in the fields of:

  • Legislation;
  • Organization and Management
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Customs ethics
  • Internal Audit
  • Training
  • Trade facilitation and relations with business
  • Public relations and communication
  • Customs cooperation
  • Revenue collection
  • Risk management
  • Export controls
  • Border and inland control
  • Transit and movement of goods
  • Customs valuation
  • Post-clearance control and audit
  • Investigation and enforcement
  • Customs enforcement on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Supply-chain security
  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Customs laboratory
  • Information and communication technology

The work will be carried out in cooperation with the MoF to assess the organizational and operational capacity of the Revenue Service. The assessment will be done according to “Customs Blueprints” that are practical guidelines prepared by Customs Union of the European Commission and based on EU best practices.

Following on from this assessment, detailed recommendations will be provided to the MoF and the Revenue Service. Overall, the project will provide:

  • Assessment of the administrative and operational capacities of the Revenue Service in the area of Customs policies, systems and procedures according to “Customs Blueprints”.
  • Recommendations and tentative action plan for 2010/2011 to the MoF and Revenue Service in order to harmonize Georgia’s Customs system with EU best practices.


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