PMCG to Greet 10th Anniversary with Reinvigoration



This autumn, PMCG will be 10 years old. As we quickly expand geographically as well as in terms of expertise, we have decided that the time is right to rearrange PMCG’s organizational and management structure.

We are committed to ensuring that we follow our mission – delivering progress for a better future and efficient policy-making. It is also imperative that the quality of our services remain as high as possible, and that our organization stays as efficient as possible.

None of this can be achieved by standing still, so PMCG must undergo reinvigoration. We are working on a 5-year business plan for 2018-2022 together with our invaluable international partners, including EBRD, which will reflect the company’s vision and mission, aligned with our principles and values.

Accordingly, changes will be made to the structure, team, and executive and governing board of PMCG. Some of our senior managers, including directors, will leave their current positions but continue to contribute to PMCG’s development as non-executive directors.

We will also endeavor to attract new team members to PMCG at every level of the company’s structure, from entry level to top management.

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