PMCG sponsors South Caucasus Infrastructure and New Energy Investment Summit 2014


SCITbilisi hosts South Caucasus Infrastructure and New Energy Investment Summit 2014 and PMCG is proud to be one of the sponsors and active participants of the event.

The Summit presents itself as the leading regional event of its kind, offering a substantial platform for infrastructure and energy industry experts, key services suppliers, investors, national and sub-national government representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

The economic development, qualified and cost-effective labor force, liberal investment climate and unique geographical location (as a crossroads between Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East) of the Caucasus region make this an attractive destination for business sectors such as transport, roads & rail, logistics, urban infrastructure, water supply, waste management and new energy.

The Summit covers almost all aspects of infrastructure including public transportation, road and rail logistics, renewable energy market, environmental public infrastructure, water & waste management and tourism infrastructure.

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