PMCG provides services and implements projects in Balkans


PMCG has been subcontracted by Deloitte Consulting which is implementing the USAID Growth and Fiscal Stability Initiative (GFSI) in Kosovo from 2011 to 2013.

PMCG’s objective is to provide direct assistance to the:

• Deputy Prime Minister
• Economic Minister
• Minister for Trade and Industry

PMCG will support the Government of Kosovo in implementing Economic Development, Vision and Action Plan (EDVAP). According to EDVAP, economic development and sustainable economic growth are the key goals and strategic priorities of the Republic of Kosovo. The vision for “a prosperous and dignified European society for all citizens of Kosovo” as well as the Economic Development Priorities within the EDVAP document, approved by Cabinet on April 18, 2011 represent a clear direction for implementation of reforms and economic development of the country in the medium term.

More information on this project is available on this link

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