PMCG Presented Georgian Business Climate Reforms in Afghanistan


PMCG presented successful Georgian business climate improvement reforms on the Accelerating Afghanistan Business Growth Conference in Kabul. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan, USAID (Trade and Accession Facilitation for Afghanistan, TAFA), World Bank, International Finance Corporation. The conference brought Government and business leaders together to begin making reforms in key sectors of the Afghanistan regulatory climate for small-and medium-sized businesses.

Since 2002, the World Bank has carried out its Doing Business Indicators annual survey to measure the regulatory practices for small and medium-sized businesses in 183 countries around the world. Currently, Afghanistan ranks at 167. To raise the standards in Afghanistan, the conference participants formed Working Groups to propose reforms in five key indicators: starting a business, registering property, protecting investors, trading across borders, and closing a business.

Georgia’s remarkable achievements in the WB’s Doing Business rating, and improved business climate in general, was the main issue delivered in the presentation by PMCG. 

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