PMCG Praised for Local Municipality Capacity Building Trainings


Since February 11, PMCG has been providing capacity building training sessions within the Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program. The first phase of the training, which involved over 230 participants from the regional self-governments, took place in Tbilisi and Kutaisi for staff from Telavi, Gori, Akhaltsikhe, Marneuli and Rustavi municipalities and concluded on March 28.

The main objective of these sessions is to improve participants’ skills and activities in the following modules:
1. Project Design, Management and Evaluation;
2. Strategic Planning;
3. Legal Drafting;
4. State Procurement Management;
5. Internal Audit and Project Audit;
6. Municipal Asset Management;
7. Media Relations;
8. Design and Management of Municipal Web Portals;

At the beginning and end of training, participants sat pre and post tests to evaluate their progress and training effectiveness, in which almost all of those who took part recorded a significant improvement.

“Training sessions are prepared according to the needs of the local municipalities, which include necessary materials to strengthen the practical skills of self-governments’ representatives. These trainings are directed toward improving the efficiency of working and increasing the transparency and accountability of the local municipalities. ” – said the trainer and PMCG expert Mr. Niko Tevdorashvili.

Upon the conclusion of the session, participants completed a questionnaire to evaluate the training. Results reflected a high opinion of the performance of the trainers while the competence and experience of the PMCG experts was also emphasized.

The next step has involved new training sessions which started on April 1 for Kutaisi and Zugdidi representatives and from April 4 for Poti and Ozurgeti municipalities.

More information on this project is available via this link.

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