PMCG Joins the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations Procurement Committee (FPC)


We are pleased to announce that we recently became a member of the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO) Procurement Committee (FPC), allowing us to contribute to advancing the management consulting industry as a whole.

The FEACO, a non-profit organization with 15 nation-member associations, aims to assist in the promotion and development of the profession of management consultancy in Europe.

The FEACO Procurement Committee (FPC) has been running for more than 20 years, advocating for the management consultancy industry with regard to policies and procurement thereby making the FPC a credible partner for EU institutions and other key international institutions.

“We are thrilled to join the network of European management consultancy companies which provides an excellent opportunity to exchange information and knowledge about the state of play in the consultancy industry, to follow the activities of the IFIs, their policies and more particularly their related procurement procedures, while also facilitating the establishment of long-term partnerships”, said Tamar Medulashvili, Project Manager at PMCG.

Over the years, PMCG has accumulated thorough experience in implementing the European Union’s framework (FWC) and technical assistance (TA) projects. Indeed, we are a member of the following framework projects: SIEA LOT 3 led by B&S Europe; SEIA Lot 5 led by ADE; and PSF Lot 3 led by GOPA.

We are excited about this new opportunity and look eagerly forward to taking an active role in the FPC’s activities.

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