PMCG is Preparing Country Profile for Georgia


PMCG is implementing Japan International Cooperation Agency’s€(JICA) project “The Country Profile for Georgia”.

Start Date: May 2009
End Date: October 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency
Funder: Japan International Cooperation Agency

Description of the Project:

In line with this foreign policy of the Government of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), official development assistance (ODA) organization of Japan, has decided to facilitate identification and implementation of development projects in the South Caucasus. To enable and strengthen such facilitation of Japanese ODA, JICA has contracted PMCG to collect data and information on Georgia, analyze/assess those data and information and prepare a draft which will be input to or the basis of the final Country Profile for each Caucasian Country.

The Country Profile for Georgia will include assessments on, among others:

  • general information of the country (area, population, socio-economic situations, and others);
  • recent economic/social/political development;
  • economic prospects;
  • government structure, particularly involving in development projects and the assessments of their capability;
  • government debt-servicing position;
  • government development strategy and plan;
  • major sectors profile;
  • development projects planned and their status in major sectors; and
  • others.

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