PMCG is implementing Food Safety and Quality Standards in the hazelnuts exporter enterprise (ISO 22000)


PMCG continues its cooperation with “Ecopex” Ltd, a hazelnut exporting enterprise. PMCG’s international auditor- consultants are implementing ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety and Quality Standards) and cooperation includes the following stages:

• Create procedures within the company and implementing them in accordance with the international standard’s requirements;
• Prepare the quality control group in the company;
• Prepare the HACCP group;
• Implement pre-certification audit and prepare the company for certification.

“Ecopex”, Ltd, was founded in 2006, and aside from nuts processing, it has its own nuts’ fields in the Kakheti and Samegrelo regions of Georgia. for the European market is important to “Ecopex” Who export to numerous countries including Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, and Estonia. while the company is involved in negotiations with the US market.

PMCG is an independent management consulting company established in 2007 which has already successfully implemented more than 50 projects in the business sector, as well as in public sector consulting.

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