PMCG Has Prepared Sector Study for JICA


PMCG has implemented the “Health and Transport Sectors Study” project supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Start Date: July 2009
End Date: August 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: Exeidea
Funding Agency: Japan International Cooperation Agency

Project Description:

Within the framework of the project entitled “Study for Reconstruction Needs Assessment of Georgia”, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Exeidea, a Japanese consulting company, contracted out PMCG to conduct the research and draft reports on the health and transport sectors.PMCG’s work scope covered, but was not limited to:

  • Gathering statistical data and draft the health and transport sectors brief;
  • Identifying the healthcare capacity of Georgia in terms of doctor, nurse, bed availability per population by region or suggesting other measures to present the needs for the improvement of healthcare in rural and mountainous regions of Georgia;
  • Describing the bottlenecks and solution for the privatization of healthcare and assess the possibility of loan assistance to revitalize the sector;
  • Analyzing the capacity of the airport and seaport sectors, including the sector overview in terms of existing infrastructure, operations, and concerned agencies; identifying the main issues and the main needs (investment gaps) of the sector; summarizing the activities of major donors who are assisting the sector; and providing a list of on-going projects.
  • Providing general advice to the JICA Study Team on where information can be collected to carry out various sector analyses.

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