PMCG established consortium with ERP (Lithuania)


PMCG and ERP (Lithuania) are jointly applying for the WB funded project in public finance “Updating integrated budgetary/financial reporting system for the Ministry of Finance of Georgia”.

Start Date: January 2009
End Date: July 2010
Country: Georgia
Client: Municipal Development Fund of Georgia
Funder: The World Bank

Description of the Project:

PMCG and ERP consortium had expressed their interest in the above mentioned project.
ERP is a management consulting company, established in Lithuania in 2002, serving clients in both public and private sectors. It provides business and technology strategy, education, systems design, architecture, technology innovation, applications implementation, systems integration and management services. ERP has expanded its operations to cover all Baltic States, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

The Government of Georgia has applied for financing from the IDA toward the cost of the Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (RMIDP), and intends to assign part of the proceeds to a consultant services contract to update the integrated budgetary/financial reporting system for the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. The overall objective of the proposed services is to improve the budget-financial base of the territorial entities (in respect of expenditures) and administration of municipal budgets through the updated program – based on the new classification (Government Finance Statistics Manual – GFSM 2001).

Applying to the above mentioned project, the consortium plans to coordinate PMCG’s knowledge of Georgian public sector and ERP’s experience in ICT. PMCG and ERP consortium’s combined key professional staff required for this assignment are experienced in the elaboration of budget programs, legal framework, and collaboration with the local institutions.

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