PMCG Chairman Delivered Speech at Eurasia Emerging Markets Forum in Thun, Switzerland


The first Eurasia Emerging Markets Forum took place from 23-25 January 2010 in Thun, Switzerland. The main goal of the forum is to address the pressing economic and social needs and concerns of the countries in the region. This forum was focused on the following themes:

• Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Central Asia and Caucasus
• Investment Climate and Prospects
• Trade and Transport Integration
• Importance of a Prosperous Central Asia and Caucasus
• Regional Cooperation and Economic Integration

Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili, chairman of PMCG, was invited to participate in the forum as one of the presenters. His notes were connected to the topic “Trade and Transport Integration”.

Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili: The region of Caucasus and Central Asia has a crucial role in connecting the economies of Europe and Far-East Asia. The most important approach to increase the effectiveness of this route is cooperation among the countries in the region, openness of economies, development of infrastructure, setting up good governance, and combating corruption.

“We hope that the forum will identify a set of actions that will allow the region to pursue the long term goals of sustainable growth and therefore increase prosperity for all across the region “noted Mr. Harider Kohli, Founder Director and Chief Executive of the Emerging Markets Forum.

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