PMCG Assisted the EU to Enhance its Communication in Ukraine


We recently assessed the outcomes of the action “Communicating Europe in Ukraine (CEIU)” and delivered a strategic vision, intended to ensure more effective and sustainable communication of the European Union (EU) in Ukraine.

Existing local, international as well as Russian media channels greatly influence the image of the EU in Ukraine, particularly in its eastern regions. Accordingly, the activities of the EU are perceived disparately among different groups of people.

Findings and recommendations of the evaluation will contribute to improved communication about EU’s support to Ukraine.

“In the context of EU-Ukraine cooperation, in order to support its policy priorities, the EU is investing resources in developing strategic communications. In this sense, our main objective was to help the EU develop communications with impact. Through measuring and evaluating different aspects of EU communications, we were able to advise the EUD, and other main actors involved, on how to develop stronger communications and achieve greater influence,” stated Bianca Baumler, Consultant at PMCG.

The project was implemented by PMCG, as part of a consortium led by B&S Europe, together with GOPA under the EU Framework Contract SIEA Lot 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Communicating Europe in Ukraine

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