PMC Research Center Awarded Five Stars for Transparency


We are excited to share the news that PMC Research was recently granted a 5 star transparency award.

It is a great honor for us to be awarded by international organization Transparify for setting the gold standard for the field as a whole, by reflecting exemplary transparency in publicly disclosing sources of funding.

From 200 major think tanks worldwide, around 70 were privileged to receive a five-star rating (out of five) in 2015.

Since the Research Center’s very foundation, we have tried to be as open as possible. Due to the recent launch of our new, modern official web page, we have had the opportunity to reach an even higher level of transparency.

Now every guest to site has easy access to information, and with a single click one can find detailed information about each project we are implementing, as well as sources and amounts funding.

“We believe that transparency and accountability is not something unique but should be an inseparable part of every organizations nature. We are more than sure that it is the only way to progress and contribute to development”, explains Maya Grigolia, Research Director at PMC Research.

Please kindly follow the link below for the full report:
Transparify 2016 Think Tanks Report

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