New Project at the Revenue Service of Georgia



PMCG and IMG, under the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) program, launched a project called Analysis of Jobs and Development of Job Descriptions for the Revenue Service of Georgia.

The objective is to assist the newly formed HR department of the Revenue Service to incorporate international HR best practices by analyzing job tasks and defining job descriptions for all employee positions within the Revenue Service. In the process, PMCG and IMG will study operations, conduct a thorough analysis of tasks performed and KSAOs required to perform those tasks and eventually develop job descriptions and qualification requirements for a majority of key positions in the operational as well as support departments of the Revenue Service. The methodology used for project purposes shall be uniquely defined and adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of the Revenue Service.

IMG is a local consulting company specializing in several areas of management, including HR management. PMCG’s expertise in public sector and IMG’s excellent HR management experience creates good synergy and basis for successful cooperation.

PMCG is a partner of the USAID large-scale Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) project which is being implemented by the team of international and local consulting companies led by Deloitte. This comprehensive program aims to improve Georgia’s overall economic competitiveness through assistance designed to: 1) expand and deepen the country’s economic governance capacity; 2) improve agriculture sector productivity; and 3) strengthen targeted non-agricultural value chains that have the highest growth potential.


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