Locals in Stepantsminda Municipality of Georgia Updated on Land-Use Plan Developments


We are working with the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) to introduce environmentally-friendly communal infrastructure in Stepantsminda Municipality (Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of Georgia), under the KfW Development Bank project entitled “Elaboration of Concept and Feasibility Studies for Communal Infrastructure for Environmental and Tourism Improvement,” led by P2M Berlin together with IDOM.

PMCG is undertaking feasibility studies into communal infrastructure to enhance both the environmental and tourism prospects for this region, with a focus on the following areas: elaborating basic data on the existing physical communal infrastructure as well as designing parameters for a future system (drinking water supply, sanitation infrastructure, and other communal infrastructure such as storm water management, as required); analyzing the legal framework for water supply and sanitation; developing an economic concept on how to finance the necessary investment; conducting an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) to identify the potential negative and positive environmental and social impacts of the project; elaborating a strategic environmental assessment report; and preparing a land-use plan.

On May 21, we conducted a public discussion designed to introduce the developed concept of the land-use plan for Stepantsminda with representatives of the municipality and the local population, and to hear their opinions and remarks to be subsequently reflected in the plan accordingly.

By the end of this collaboration, it is expected that Mtskheta-Mtianeti region will have established both an infrastructure development concept and a land-use plan. All of the project activities will have improve the socio-economic situation in the region, improving the population’s health and reducing the poverty level at the same time.

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