Increasing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services


In February, we conducted performance management system (PMS) introductory meetings with the representatives of various municipalities of Georgia as part of the project “Development of Performance Management System for Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services in 23 Municipalities of Georgia.”

The main objective of the meetings was to present a draft of the PMS e-tool, which will help the local authorities to better plan, manage, assess, and improve their service provision. Accordingly, Roni Kvachadze, Consultant at PMCG, held meetings with the representatives of 23 municipalities of Georgia.

“The Performance Management System (PMS) introductory meetings aimed to introduce the structure of, and preliminary information about, the PMS to the representatives of municipalities and the local waste management organization. The participants were actively engaged in the meetings, and expressed their needs and readiness for the PMS implementation,” noted Kvachadze.

During the first stage of the project, we conducted a baseline study to better understand the current environmental and infrastructural conditions in the municipalities, and started developing the PMS, which will be used to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of two main municipal services, namely cleaning of streets and public areas, and municipal waste management.

In the course of the project, PMS will be piloted in eight municipalities, while replications of PMS will be launched in the other 15 municipalities. After the program has been launched, assessments will be made about the implementation of the PMS.


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