Increasing Institutional Capacity of Vocational Educational Institutions


The project aims to train college management teams in the accurate identification of colleges’ goals and mission. It also sets out assist vocational education institutions (VEIs) in the assessment of existing resources, challenges and needs in order to develop sound project ideas that contribute to the colleges’ institutuinal development and ability to respond to existing market demands.

“VET institutions are facing numerous challenges in georgia but luckily a number of public agencies and international organisations are ready to support their development. In order to duly take advantage of the existing opportunities, VETs need to enhance their capacity in the development of needs-based project ideas and quality project proposals” said Giorgi Khishtovani,Director at PMC Research.

In order to achieve the project’s goals, PMC Research’s team will contribut interviews with regional VEIs to identifu current practices to project idea development and proposal writing; develop a training development of VEIs in Georgia; and to conduct the first and second sycles of trainings on the development of the project ideas and proposals.

The project is being conducted with the financial support of the UNDP.

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