Improvement for Georgia, Albania and Kosovo Reflected in Latest WB Doing Business Ranking


We are pleased to congratulate the governments of Georgia, Albania and Kosovo with their respective improvement recorded in the recently announced World Bank (WB) 2017 Doing Business Ranking.

We are happy to contribute to the enhancement of all three countries’ business environments with our dedicated and specialized assistance in the fields of tax simplification (Georgia), improving deregulation and fiscal efficiency (Albania), and enhancing macro-economic stability and PFM at the central and local level (Kosovo). 

Georgia has shown significant improvement in the latest index, moving up from 23rd to 16th place. It was also named among the top 10 global improvers in terms of implementing reforms to business regulations. According to the WB release, Georgia ranks 3rd in Europe and Central Asia and over the course of the last year has implemented important reforms to strengthen its economy in the areas of electricity, registering property, protecting minority investors, trading across borders, and paying taxes. 

Meanwhile, Albania moved up 32 places from 90th to 58th, after markedly enhancing its regulatory framework in the areas of construction permits and paying taxes. PMCG actively works with Albania, within the IFC/WB project t0 further trade, deregulation and easing of procedural and bureaucratic issues.

Elsewhere, Kosovo moved from 64th to 60th place in the overall ranking. Notably, the country moved up 34 places in the paying taxes criterion. According to Marco Mantovanneli, World Bank’s Country Manager for Kosovo, “Kosovo has improved its business regulations as captured by the Doing Business indicators, which shows the country is implementing reforms to narrow the gap with the global regulatory frontier”. 

The progress delivered by all three countries proves that the governments’ readiness, together with detailed and appropriate reforms, leads to the formation of a better business enabling environment.

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