ICGFM 2022 International Conference in Washington, DC for Public Financial Management Professionals


On September 19-23, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) is hosting the 2022 International Conference at the University Club of Washington DC, offering the first opportunity in over two years for the global PFM community to gather in-person to network and connect with leading professionals and colleagues from across the world, in a unique and distinguished setting.

The conference entails a world-class program focused on delivering topical and forward-thinking presentations, while its interactive sessions focus on issues impacting PFM and highlight common challenges and innovative approaches to address all aspects of the PFM cycle.

It represents a valuable opportunity for PFM enthusiasts and professionals, mid-career professionals, students who are just starting out, as well as seasoned executives to connect and engage with a high-level, targeted audience of PFM decision-makers, leaders, and professionals from across the globe.

The conference includes 18 sessions containing keynote speeches, panel case studies, and research presentations with 35+ speakers from various countries. The attendees of the conference will benefit enormously from networking with over 150 key PFM leaders from 35 countries and will also have an opportunity to earn 20.5 CPEs.

Specifically, the program covers the following topics: Post-Pandemic Recovery and Case Studies about the Pandemic; PFM – Anti-Corruption and Risk; Climate Change and Crypto Currency; Cybersecurity; the Role of Public Investment; and a special session entitled Analyses of the Ukraine-Russia Conflict and its Future Impact on PFM Globally.

Follow the link here for a detailed agenda of the conference, including a list of speakers and panel participants: Agenda

PMCG is a proud supporter of the conference and is organizing two of its panels, one of which is to be held on September 23 about the Ukraine-Russia war and its impact, for which we have gathered special guests from Ukraine to ensure reliable analysis is presented.

The ICGFM offers special discounts to students, members, groups of 5-9, or groups of 10 or more. A special discount is also offered to those from low- and middle-lower-income economies, as classified by the World Bank (Gross National Income – GNI). One-day and student rates are also available upon request.

For more information about registration and rates, please follow the link below:  Registration

The ICGFM is the only organization to bring together the large and diverse PFM community under one umbrella. It is a leading non-profit membership association, unique in the financial management community, which unites government entities, private firms, professional associations, and university departments as well as individuals devoted to improving financial management.

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