Hosting Sri Lankan Delegation to Share Positive Experience of Introducing Economic Reforms


Sri Lanka 1

On April 23-25, PMCG hosted an official delegation from Vavuniya, Sri Lanka to share Georgia’s successful experience of implementing economic reforms in e-governance and public service. 

The study tour comprised presentations about steps toward, and ways of, introducing effective reforms, with a focus on creating a business-enabling environment. 

In order to observe tangible results and to obtain information regarding the impact of the reforms, the delegation visited the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi, where citizens can receive more than 300 services in one space, including business, property and civil registration. They also attended site visits to the Tbilisi Economic Zone of Registration to witness streamlined customs clearance procedures through its one-stop-shop service. In order to observe the functioning of a public and transparent tax system, and to watch competent consultations provided for tax-paying citizens, the delegation also visited the Revenue Service. 

Sri Lanka 2

The tour allowed the delegation to examine the effectiveness of simplified business procedures, to experience new opportunities, to observe, question and contribute to the pool of experience and to develop collective understanding based on this shared experience. The study tour was conducted as part of an International Finance Corporation (IFC) project.

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