Gender Equality – A Wise and Worthwhile Business Approach


undp award

We are honored to have won the UNDP Gender Equality Award 2015, for Gender Balance at the Executive Level. We are pleased that our policy of equal opportunity for men and women in the workplace was acknowledged and positively appraised by an organization of such high standing.

Over the years, we have stood by our belief that women and men should be equally involved in decision-making processes. Indeed, in the pursuit of development, this devotion to gender equality is the only way to progress in today’s business environment.

For decades now, the world’s leading innovative companies have been following this approach. Their development and success is a clear argument for gender equality. Samsung, IBM, Unilever, KPMG and Ernst & Young are among the leading examples in this regard.

The world has never seen so many women in paid employment than it does today, and women everywhere are occupying top level management positions. However, there is still an imbalance to be addressed.

We believe that tomorrow will be even more diverse and we’ll have even more successful women.

Olia Watt, Executive Director at PMCG explains: “While some companies find formal targets more appropriate to use, we as well as many other successful companies prefer not to create formal frameworks. We are oriented on discovering talented professionals and encourage and support their further development. For us, our team is the most valuable asset. That is why we try to create a comfortable environment, oriented toward progress where everyone has an equal opportunity to develop. For example, we realize that mothers need a more flexible working schedule; we fully compensate them for maternity leave; we have corporate insurance packages that also includes family members”.



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