Enhancing Procurement and Inventory Management under Public Financial Management (PFM) in Jordan


PMCG, as a subcontractor of DAI Global, recently started the implementation of a new five-year public financial management and administration (PFMA) activity in Jordan, funded by the USAID. The program is designed to strengthen the fiscal sustainability of the Government of Jordan (GOJ), to reduce obstacles to economic growth in Jordan, to build the capacity of the Government to improve the performance of revenue administration and to ensure transparent budget management and public procurement process in accordance with international best practices.

Pertinently, we are working to optimize public expenditure management. More specifically, PMCG will support the improvement of public procurement management through enhancing the corresponding organizational system by improving its structure, operation, and workforce, and developing and integrating the procurement system, the inventory system, and the GFMIS.

Meanwhile, we will analyze the general inventory management framework, its technical features, and the existing electronic systems. We will also recommend IT system improvements, regulatory or legal changes needed, organizational improvements, and process improvements. To enhance control and oversight over the inventory management function, the project team will coordinate with different government and non-governmental institutions involved in the public procurement and inventory framework. Our support will include on-the-job training with a focus on data analysis, interpretation of results, and elaboration of policy recommendations for further improvement of inventory management, and the development of early warning indicators for fraud, waste, and abuse.

“Our role is very important in this program as the team will provide sequenced assistance to Jordan to enhance the institutional, legal, and technological public procurement framework and support improvements to the public inventory management system.  We will support the policy-making institutions during the design and implementation of electronic modules in order to strengthen the IT inventory management systems, to roll-out e-procurement, and to assist the agencies during the creation of modern statistical data disclosure tools for better transparency and accountability of public expenditure processes,” said Mr. Alexandre Chkhikvishvili, Consultant in Public Procurement at PMCG while adding that “our support in the form of capacity-building and training activities for public and private sector representatives advances the quality of both decentralized and centralized procurement processes.”



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