Contributing to the Increased Impact of Collaboration between the European Commission and CSOs Worldwide


PMCG, as part of a consortium led by B&S Europe, was recently selected to implement  a project aiming to advance collaboration between the European Commission (EC) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) worldwide.


The project foresees the conducting of a mid-term evaluation of the Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs) signed between the EC and CSOs, and corresponding grant agreements (since 2015, a total of 49 relevant grants have been signed ). The EC has developed FPAs with CSOs and associations of local authorities across Africa, Asia,Latin America and Europe. These partnerships cover the following wide array of fields of intervention: anti-corruption, gender, accountability, human rights, political and social inclusion or economic empowerment, decentralization,  good and inclusive local governance and decentralized cooperation.


The main objective of the evaluation is to analyze the quality and the results of relevant FPA actions so far and to present the findings to EU Delegations,  member organizations and other interested stakeholders , as part of an evolving cooperation policy with an emphasis on  results-oriented approaches.


The project aims to strengthen representative, membership-based and actor-based regional and global CSO networks and associations’ capacities in delivering vital components of development at global and regional levels.


“Outcomes of the evaluation will serve to contribute to the EU’s policy to support civil society as a key actors of governance. Recommendations that will be outlineddesigned as part of the final report will help to promote the enhanced participation of civil society in policy- making processes, as well as contributinge to the creation ofng an enabling environment for the CSOs and strengthening their capacitiesy strengthening worldwide,” explaineds Tamar Medulashvili, Project Manager at PMCG.


The European Commission project – “Mid-term Evaluation of the Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs) and Their Corresponding Specific Grant Agreement” is part of the Services for the Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018 EU Framework Contract Lot 3: “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace.”

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