Chairman of PMCG will Make a Presentation at the EU Delegation Headquarters in Brussels


Aleksi Aleksishvili, Chairman of PMCG, was invited to present and speak at the workshop on “Tax Reforms and Development” in the EU Delegation headquarters, Brussels. The workshop was aimed at providing participants with a practical understanding of taxation, tax reforms and revenue transition currently implemented in a number of developing countries and was directed at the Delegations’ staff working in developing countries and dealing with fiscal policies and public finance reforms.

The approach chosen for the workshop looks at situations of major tax reforms that may pursue different objectives and considers implications and interactions for various dimensions (e.g. tax structure, taxpayers, administration, political resistances, and macroeconomic projections).

Participants of the workshop are the staff members of EU DGs DEVCO, TEXUD, and TRADE.
Mr. Aleksishvili delivered presentations on tax reforms and tax transition, characteristics of modern tax system, tax policy and tax basis, public resources, tax effort, tariffs and trade policy, tax administration and organizational system reform.

The workshop will be held in the European Commission HQ under the Methodological Support and Training in Aid Delivery Methods (ADM) Program.


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