Assisting Kutaisi City Municipality with Spatial Urban Development Plan



Despite being one of Georgia’s most important cities both politically and economically, at present the self-governing city of Kutaisi does not have a proper planning framework to guide and manage its sustainable urban development. Accordingly, the city must now prepare comprehensive and up-to-date strategic documents, including spatial development plans.

With this in mind, PMCG is assisting Kutaisi in developing the Spatial Urban Development and Land Use Plan to improve governance and service delivery to citizens at the local level.

Housing, accessibility and safety are key concerns for Kutaisi’s citizens and these topics are strongly correlated to the urban character of the city. The appropriate policies on density, land use, public space and the layout of infrastructure and services can help to achieve substantial progress in providing a better quality of life for Kutaisi’s residents.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Assisting Kutaisi City Municipality with Spatial Urban Development Plan

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