A workshop was held for the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery


On February 21-23, in Lopota, Kakheti, a workshop was held for to the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery and representatives of the PR departments of all the Ministries of Georgia. It was staged by the consortium led by PMCG with the consultants of Gepra, in order to develop a framework for a new PR/Communications platform with a focus on improvements in the department’s internal and external communications mechanisms. The workshop was part of the USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program, and launched the project Strengthening PR/Communications Department of the State Chancellery of the Government of Georgia (GoG) on December 2013.

The objective of the project is to provide assistance to the PR/Communications Department of Georgia’s State Chancellery, in order to strengthen its institutional operations and systems in the context of cross-governmental communication as well as communication with the citizens and stakeholders.

A 3-day off-site workshop for up to 45 participants from the State Chancellery and other GoG institutions began with an introduction of the main objectives and goals of the workshop. On the first day of the workshop PR values, vision, mission and principles of the GoG institutions were discussed and agreed. PMCG experts introduced the results of conducted functional analysis of the systems and operations of the PR/Communications Department.

The project team provided and introduced recommendations for a news generation and distribution system. One of the most significant topics discussed during the workshop was internal communications and coordination systems. Moreover, some suggestions were provided for anti-crisis activities.
In general, the workshop was positively evaluated by the representatives of USAID G3 program, PMCG and PR/Communications Departments of GoG institutions.

Click here for more photos of the event


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