Environment and Climate Change

Caring for the environment is essential in the achievement of better living standards for the population as whole. Environmental pollution and climate change is a well-known global problem which is being tackled across the whole world, and we endeavor to play an effective role in this battle. While Georgia tries to keep up with global economic growth, it is still critically important to protect the local environment and its values. We work closely with donor organizations, national authorities, and affected communities to ensure that the results achieved in this regard meet international standards, national strategic goals, and local needs.

PMCG covers the following areas under the environment and climate change sector:

  • Environmental analyses;
  • Environmental and social impact assessments, including the following relevant studies:
    • Geological surveys
    • Hydrogeological studies
    • Biodiversity analyses
    • Mitigation measures
    • Cultural, social, and gender-related issues;
  • Screening of projects with a possible impact on the environment;
  • Elaboration of environmental and social management plans;
  • Environmental supervision;
  • Social supervision; and
  • Environmental audit.