PMCG Supporting Decentralization of Georgia’s Public Service Delivery in Environmental Protection and Agriculture


We have contributed to the implementation of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) of Georgia’s decentralization strategy and action plan, aiming to increase the role of self-governing units in solving public affairs, providing self-governing units with appropriate material and financial resources, and establishing reliable, accountable, transparent and results-oriented self-government.

PMCG, as part of consortium led by Tetra Tech ARD under the USAID-funded Good Governance Initiative (GGI) in Georgia, has developed two separate guidelines on agriculture and environmental protection, incorporating identified services in these fields with the potential to decentralize, and issuing recommendations on how to transfer them to local government authorities including actions needed and corresponding timeframes.

“Stronger municipalities mean a stronger country. Municipalities have a better sense of the real needs of people at a local level; therefore, increasing their role in deciding how to address the local needs, and equipping them with adequate financial and institutional capacities is key for people’s well-being. This project, which strives to identify state functions that can be implemented at local level in a more effective and results-oriented way, contributes to the decentralization process and makes essential efforts to strengthen municipalities,” said Ms. Khatuna Gogaladze, Consultant at PMCG.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about:
Assisting the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) of Georgia to Analyze Services Identified in the Fields of Environmental Protection and Agriculture to be Delegated to Local Governments



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