A Roundtable Discussion of the Study of the Needs of Ukrainian Refugees in Georgia


On February 21st, PMC Research held a roundtable discussion of the “Study of the Needs of Ukrainian Refugees in Georgia.”

The study was carried out with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and aimed to assess Ukrainian refugees’ needs, education level, and skills, as well as the labor market integration processes they encounter in Georgia. The ultimate goal of the study was to produce recommendations for stakeholders to develop needs-based services and support Ukrainian refugees in their integration into the Georgian labor market. 

The meeting started with a presentation by PMC Research’s researcher Sopho Basilidze, who introduced the study findings to the representatives of numerous business associations. The presentation was followed by a discussion designed to draw up recommendations on integrating Ukrainian refugees into the Georgian labor market, moderated by Tengiz Sultanishvili, an affiliated advocacy expert at PMC Research.

“The role of the private sector is critical in ensuring Ukrainian refugees’ economic integration into Georgian communities. The local business sector may assist Ukrainian refugees in overcoming their obstacles by perceiving them not only as aid users but also as employees, producers, and consumers. Enhanced partnerships with the private sector may help businesses to play a more substantial role in supporting and empowering Ukrainian refugees to become valuable contributors to Georgia’s economy,”

said Sultanishvili.

“Ukrainian refugees face challenges in Georgia to meet their basic needs with barriers in the private sector including a skills mismatch. However, with a labor force shortage, Ukrainian refugees can be meaningfully included in the Georgian labor market. The joint efforts of the private sector, government, and international organizations will be necessary in that direction,”

said Basilidze.

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