New EU-funded Project to Support PFM Reforms in Egypt


PMCG was recently selected to implement a new project to support the Government of Egypt’s Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms. Funded by the EU, the project will be implemented by PMCG in a consortium led by ADE.

Over many years, the EU has been supporting the Government of Egypt in its steps to update and reform the management of public finances, and recently launched the significant ‘EU Support to Enhance Administrative and Public Economic Governance in Egypt’ program. Nonetheless, the country is facing numerous challenges such as an increase in security threats and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which could compromise the expected results of the reforms and programs implemented.

In this context, the general objective of the project is to contribute to the PFM reform process initiated by the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Finance including the post-COVID-19 fiscal context. This goal will be achieved through implementing two main components: demand-driven support for the Government of Egypt, and specifically the Ministry of Finance and its affiliated entities, on the path towards further reforming the PFM system with a focus on international taxation and public procurement; and providing direct support through a team of experts to the EU Delegation to Egypt on policy dialogue with the Ministry of Finance, budget support eligibility assessment, and identification of future support programs.

“We are truly honored that we have been awarded this opportunity to support the Government of Egypt in the effective implementation of PFM reforms. We believe that together with the highly qualified team of experts, we will deliver real impacts in the priority areas of PFM reform implementation and ensure the sustainability of the results,” said Tamar Medulashvili, EU Projects Manager at PMCG.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Support to PFM Reform in Egypt



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