Zaza Broladze Moves to PMCG’s Governing Board


After making the decision in February this year, Zaza Broladze will complete his move from Deputy CEO to the Governing Board of PMCG this month.

As a Non-Executive Director, Zaza will have more opportunity to encourage and support PMCG’s strategic development and innovation, the exploration of new business ideas, facilitate sustainable growth, provide strategic directions and guide quality improvement. He will also be involved in the implementation of specific projects.

He has been an integral part of PMCG from the very beginning and has played a crucial role in developing and expanding the company. He is a valuable team member, with about 20 years of impressive experience in top management positions and has sound experience of working with international organizations and government institutions alike.

We are confident that Zaza will continue to contribute significantly to PMCG’s development and success in his new position.

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