Working with Ukraine to Facilitate More Transparent and Efficient Trading


We have successfully collaborated with the State Custom Service (SCS) of Ukraine to facilitate more transparent and efficient trading. PMCG was subcontracted by the implementing partner Chemonics International to collaborate with the State Custom Service (SCS) of Ukraine in order to contribute to the trade facilitation through creating business Intelligence module (BIM) and auditing automated system of analysis and risk management (ASUR).

We created a business intelligence module (BIM) for the SCS to monitor, analyze, and evaluate statistical data from customs posts on certain goods and vehicles crossing the border with the purpose of identifying correlations, suspicious activities, or potential fraud.

We also audited the operations and risks of the currently-used automated system of analysis and risk management (ASUR) and prepared recommendations for transparent, efficient and easy interaction with customs.

“Business is getting broader opportunities to analyze market trends and volume free of charge today. The BIM solution provides services for 200+ daily users on average and gained high appraisals from local and foreign businesses (Norway, Czech Republic, Taiwan, etc.),” said Volodymyr Chugai, manager of the project.

This project was implemented in the course of the USAID Competitive Economy Program (CEP), which is a five-year program, promoting a strong, diverse and open economy through strengthening competitiveness in key industries of Ukraine and enabling it to maximize benefits from free trade agreements. 


Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Competitive Economy Program (CEP)

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